Feed Back

"Good experience I looked forward to it every week. Gave me clarity I'm not going mad and helped me by making links to my own childhood. It's ok to be vulnerable."

"Really amazing, so helpful to understand more about myself I hadn't learnt before, it really helped me to open up all the stuff and unpick everything."

"I found it very calming and helpful. I felt like I had a friend in lockdown knowing I had someone each week to talk to and I felt less alone. It really helped me to think differently about my dementia and be less anxious and afraid."

"I feel so much more positive and motivated. I was feeling very anxious and stuck in some negative thinking patterns. I was given many tools to help my anxiety and thoughts and I feel in control of my life once again"

"It was so good to talk without being judged, to be able to tell all my secrets and realise everything wasn't my fault. I was able to be weak for the first time in my life."

"Can't believe how much I have changed. I'm more like the old me  I do things I want to do instead of worrying all the time and backing out of things at the last minute. It really helped me to push past the negative thoughts and i'm amazed at what I have achieved already"

"A very powerful emotional experience I recommend counselling to anyone and everyone. I have stopped fighting myself and have learnt to take time for myself that I am worth it"

"Being able to get out all my worries was a life saver, literally!."

"Really helped me to open up some painful stuff I had never shared with anyone. I felt so relieved to finally feel safe enough to share my past experiences and hurts. I feel so much happier than I did before counselling."