Our Services & Fees

We Offer 

  • Specialised children's and young people's face to face & online counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology services, delivered by professionals who have undergone additional training to work with children and young people safely. Fee £48

  • Adult counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology. Fee £48

  • Family therapy Fee £58 

  • Empowering Parents online 3 week course tailored to your family Fee £68PW (email or phone for more details)

  • Relationship counselling Fee £58

Appointment Process

Anyone can refer themselves for any of the above services by pressing this link                        and filling

in the online submission form.  

We will reply to you as soon as possible, we aim to make contact within 24hrs excluding Sundays.


Initial Assessment

The first step in the counselling process is to book an initial assessment. An Assessment is the process by which we would gather a good background of the person seeking counselling and any further information we need to form an holistic view in order to ascertain how we can best help, or whether they need to be referred to someone more specialised in the area they need support. 

The session is confidential and where parents are seeking counselling for children, the assessment is for  the parent or parents to attend, and is a chance to talk freely without the child