I am passionate about the capacity we all have for change.  I am deeply influenced by Carl Rogers who formulated the "Person Centred" approach to counselling  because it focuses on providing an environment of genuineness,  empathy and unconditional positive regard for each client.
It seeks to empower the individual to see themselves as a whole person rather than parts, encouraging self awareness, positive growth and change.  It believes that all people are inherently good, with the emphasis on a person's positive traits and behaviours, drawing upon their own ability to find healing, growth, wisdom and fulfilment within themselves.

I have a natural affinity with young people and really enjoy working with them and using creative forms to enable them to connect to their own emotional world, build resilience and develop coping strategies. 

I love nature and walking my dogs along the beach. 

Click on the link below to see qualifications and training I've undertaken which allows me to work safely, ethically and with current knowledge of theory and skills essential to the practise of counselling.

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